Makes Me Smile…

A wall display my senior class created.  Their rules for a happy life.

Makes me smile.


15 thoughts on “Makes Me Smile…

  1. Ah, if only the world would listen to the children more!! We’d be much better off.

    Thanks for sharing — as today is Earth Day when I turn off all my lights/electrical for an hour I’ll have a smile as I contemplate the wisdom of such young thoughts.

  2. Ha! Reading through it quickly, I thought one of the rules was, “remember the condiments,” and I thought, “Wow, Wendy’s really having an effect on how the kids think about food!”

  3. Brilliant!
    could you print it as a greetings card? i would love to keep one myself and send a few
    please say well done to them!

  4. Great words of wisdom to live by! That’s a ‘Great Wall’ you don’t need to take down! Need a room wallpapered with such sayings!

    As Alice said:
    “…if I don’t make haste, I shall have to go back through the looking-glass…back into the old room-and there’d be an end of all my adventures!”
    Sending my ‘curiouser & curiouser’ happy thoughts through the looking-glass.

  5. If those kids really believe what they say, there is hope for the future! What great lessons to have learned at a young age.

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