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I’m feeling the need to refresh a few areas of my life.  Nothing drastic, you understand.  New walks with Marco, new exercise routine, different reading materials, wardrobe explorations… that kind of thing.  Cleaned out my feed reader this morning, deleting blogs that are no longer updated or that I don’t read any more, and now my blog list is looking a little thin.

So, I’d like to ask you guys for suggestions for blogs for me to subscribe to.  Food, photography, funny, lifestyle, thought-provoking… anything blog you love, I’d like to know about.  🙂


33 thoughts on “Blog Suggestions…

  1. You probably already follow Eating Asia – this is one of my very favourite food/ travel/ photography blogs combined. Just superb!

    For cartoons I love The Rut, Urf and XKCD (the last is a bit geeky so some go over my head but others I love).

    For more foodie blogs, I did update my blog roll recently so check if there are any unfamiliar ones?

    x x

  2. Hi wendy, I love smitten kitchen, also Sally Jane Vintage, and she has loads of great links, check out, A clock without hands, fab photos.
    I made your fennel pinenut raisin pasta thing tonight for the family, lovely lovely yum yum thankyou.

  3. I second smitten kitchen. I also love The Pioneer Woman (food, photography, funny); Lucullian delights and David Lebovitz. Also…. for all things book (plus a little music and film) have a look at Me and My Big Mouth.

    Have fun, and thanks for your blog.., think i’ll try the fennel pasta tomorrow.

  4. This is not a food or an animal blog, but the blog at Three Irish Girls ( is about hand-dyed yarn, has beautiful pictures, and is well-written and often very funny. Take time to scroll back to see previous entries.

  5. I’m not sure if this is where i got a link to you or not, but The Cottage Smallholder is wonderful and if you go on to the forum the people there are fantastic and the recipes and information of all sorts is excellent.

  6. I tried to reply earlier and it didn’t post, so I am trying again. If I have a double reply, please excuse me!!

    I hope you enjoy them!

  7. I second Sophie’s suggestion of The Happiness Project blog. A great one if you are making changes and resolutions and like yours one I never miss.

    And from Sydney Australia, Saucy Onion, only newly discovered, but fascinating and a bit addictive.

    Your request has opened up the blogosphere for me, Wendy!

  8. Here are a few I love – both photos and food – just melbourne photos but really gorgeous photography – eclectic but interesting this one makes me sigh at the gorgeous images – do you know this sydney blogger – lots of great ideas and great baking and meals

    Would love to hear some of the new blogs I discover!

  9. Lots of lovely new suggestions here, which is always a plus. Here are one or two of my favourites which I think will chime with you:

    Hannah was on masterchef a couple of years ago, and makes the most beautiful cakes, really really creative, sweet things are her speciality, and she fits intricate baking for her family and friends round a busy life as a lawyer

    Pierre posts a photograph of Venice most days, not the usual places – or, if they are of the usual places, then a new way of looking.

    And, as you’re in Scotland, do you know about the Fife Diet? It’s obviously mostly for people in Fife, but it’s full of inspiration


  10. I love smitten kitchen (cookery) , tollipop (crafty) and also nienie (getting on with life after a near fatal airplane crash).

    Love the photo on this entry.

  11. I await with eager anticipation each week’s helping of 52 Suburbs (a photo blog of Sydney) -very colourful and revealing about my city!
    I would not worry about Saucy Onion – the author is a much admired woman but I find the blog somewhat trite.

  12. Blogs which aren’t updated as often as they ought to be? sigh!

    I agree: Smitten Kitchen, but also Anne’s Food ( and Pille’s blog ( That ought to get you enough of the North Sea to satisfy anybody!

  13. Spice spoon is a wonderful food blog featuring cuisine from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran; the stories about the food make wonderful reading.

    I have a soft spot for the FAUX FUCHSIA blog – very witty – and although food isn’t the main focus of her blog, she is a superbly entertaining writer, particularly when the “Universe directs” her to make pancakes/baked cheesecake or a 1950s salad.

    For lifesyle and originality you couldn’t go past A Bloomsbury Life simply inspirational.

  14. I second Sue’s suggestion of Spice Spoon.

    Do you know the Grubworm?

    I also really like: for some really fantastic South Indian food (Andhra Pradesh). I made loads of her recipes, and really enjoyed them. A Lebanese blog with great photos and recipes. – An Australian with Montenegrin roots and a gorgeous writing style – A Bengali in the US, again great writing and recipes

    … I could go on forever, but these spring in mind now…

  15. Hi Wendy

    I had a similar idea the other week, refreshed the look of the blog, dropped some links that seemed to have come to an end, and before that I decided to do the weekly post, with a few ad hoc ones, which I find much easier to work with.

    As for new links, Lee has Ilva down, and she also has a seperate site with friends for phtotography too;

    .. which is positively fantastic.

    There have been so many good suggestions from everyone else too, it’s great to see so many.


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