Just the most beautiful April weekend ever.

Forgot how happy sunshine makes me!


11 thoughts on “Stunner

  1. daffodils are such a wonderful cheery sign of spring – love that photo and love the sunshine making its way into your other photos – it is good for the soul

  2. Wow you have summed up Scotland in these photos – cardi on, tights on, boots on, wet dog, snow on hills and yet deckchair catching the last few rays of sun. Boy I wish I was there. Well done on posting such super succinct pics – I love them!

  3. I love the dog too. He’s gorgeous. Such hair, such eyes… And, as my own not-so-gorgeous dog is always getting wet and muddy, and, frankly, foul-smelling, I look at yours and wonder if you give him a bath everytime. I’m beginning to hate the sound of the word.

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