Aberdeen Harbour

Still busy but wanted to share these photos with you all.  Something a bit different today.  My friend, Keith, works on the pilot boat in Aberdeen harbour.  Last Saturday he took Genna (his wife, my bestest friend), his nephew (who suspected his sandwiches had dog-food in them) and me (you know me) out on the boat for a few hours.

Seeing Aberdeen from a very different perspective was really great, plus we all go a turn driving the boat and dolphins came to visit (but refused to pose for the camera).

A wonderful day.


12 thoughts on “Aberdeen Harbour

  1. That’s great that you got to do that, it’s so interesting to see the harbour from the other side. I’ve looked for dolphins near the lighthouse a few times but never seen them yet – one day I will and hopefully I’ll be able to get some to pose for me!

    Have a lovely day,

  2. Your pictures were wonderful! I’m living in the States now, but my family all live in/around Aberdeen. I can’t wait until I come home for a visit in August! Thanks for helping to curb my homesickness! 🙂

  3. beautiful pictures – incredibly clear and give such a wonderful feel for the place – I think of aberdeen as being grey but this is a great new angle for me

  4. D-d-d-d-dolphins! (agree with Jade), so far I haven’t been lucky to spot the dolphins up by Aberdeen or Inverness… perhaps we’ll be luckier this summer.
    Thanks for the lovely photos!

  5. There are many things I love about your photographs. However, the aspect that stands out most to me in this set is your framing. Somehow, every photo of yours seems perfectly proportioned. You do such good work.

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