8 thoughts on “Buttercups

  1. Your buttercup photos are lovely… I have the most amazing field of them just behind my house but my photos do not do them justice, I am now inspired! ps hope you’ve recovered from the run.

  2. After a busy week , these lovely photos are a treat . Thankyou !
    Congratulations on the Marathon . Must be that good food you eat ! The tomato curry looks delicious .

  3. I especially like the last picture, for some reason. It simply feels like summer. Or summer, perhaps, once it’s been put through the head and hands of a languidly at ease Impressionist painter. Really lovely. (And usefully relaxing, in fact, as I was made tired imagining you – or anyone, really – running the marathon. Yes, I know, it was a “half” marathon, but after forty or so paces they all begin to seem like full marathons to me.)

    Your dog is very beautiful, Wendy, I think I’ve told you this before. My dog is slightly more beautiful, of course, but let’s not fight about this, okay, as nobody likes to see dog-owners getting competitive. But still.

    Kind regards etc….


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