Black and White and Black

Didn’t think my inky pup would photograph well in monochrome but I quite like these.  Especially the first one where he’s attempting to look intimidating!

10 thoughts on “Black and White and Black

  1. oh blacks are such tricky creatures to catch on photo, the pose and lighting is essential in a whole other way, on the other hand when you manage to get it right it’s a ver satisfying feeling:)

    love the last pic! and the shining bone tag makes it quirky and fun.

  2. Lovely pictures of your sweetie! We had a black Cocker growing up that I dearly loved. Your photography is wonderful, anxious to look over the whole blog. Come to Granny Mountain for a visit to Arkansas!

  3. Hi!
    Just wanted you to know that we are republishing some of Amanda Darrach Fillipone’s Figs, Bay & Wine summer blog posts from 2007 on our website. We loved her local cooking and thought it might be fun to give it a boost and give her the inspiration she needs to start blogging again…

    We’ll be publishing her blogs on Mondays starting July 5th…

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