12 thoughts on “September So Far

  1. What a grand set of pics Wendy. You have all emotions represented here. The animal with the real fur/hair had me giggling. Love the angle the sunflower was approached from. The cloud with the crimson behind it set my soul afire it is so compelling and beautiful!

  2. Just beautiful! Do you live in one of those log cabins? ~ I have always dreamt of having one of those ~ maybe it was watching too much ‘little house on the prairies’ when i was young?!
    How did you get such a lovely close up of the bird [female chaffinch??]

  3. Domestikate, Robyn, Geraldine, Helen, Kath & Twobarkingdogs – Thank you all very much!!!

    Pia – Do! Do!

    Shine – I loved the wee animal too. The fur is from a shrub and it was created by a very eccentric pupil of mine.

    Pippa – No, I don’t. They are chalets we took the first year pupils in my school to. They were fabulous though. 🙂

    Lucy – Blush. A photography compliment from you means a lot. x

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