Didn’t know what cobnuts were until last week when I found these on sale.

The taste and texture were like a cross between a hazlenut and a coconut, I thought.  Ate them just as they were.  Lovely.

Update – It seems that cobnuts are just young, fresh hazlenuts!  That’s explain why they tasted like hazlenuts then…

6 thoughts on “Cobnuts

  1. Just spotted a recipe on another blog (I now forget which…) for cobnut pesto which I thought sounded quite interesting. I’m never sure what to do with cobnuts though I hear they are good toasted in salads too. They are lovely on their own too though, I agree!

  2. can you tell me where you bought the cobnuts please? Just back to Inverness after a weekend in london where i bought same at Borough but would now like more. Made Ottolenghi courgette and cobnut salad with plain toasted hazelnuts but would like to try with the real thing. As far as I am aware, cobnuts are just imature hazelnuts, milky and soft. We used to eat them as kids.

  3. Johanna – Have just discovered that they are and that they are growing in my garden! 🙂

    Andrew – Thank you. 🙂

    Antonia – Shall try that idea out sometime now that I’ve realised I have these growing in my garden!

    Eve – Hello. Sorry for the delay. I got them in Morrisons, actually. They were selling them a couple of weeks ago. Not sure about now… Can’t believe I didn’t realise these were just young, fresh hazlenuts!

  4. I just came down from your make-me-smile competition post (busy catching up) and I have to say this made me smile. I didn’t know what a cobnut was either. I am glad you found out for me 🙂

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