A walk up Stac Gorm, lunch & a pint at Dores Inn and a swim for Marco in Loch Ness.  Perfect.


14 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. The Dores Inn… we did the self same thing years ago, when dad dragged us all off for a tour (coming from the northeast we always headed up for holidays)

    I always said I wanted to go back when I could buy dad a pint, but we never made it, so this has inspired me to want to go back again and raise a pint to my dad, as despite all our moaning, we all really enjoyed our times crossing the border.

  2. Kate & Cynthia – It was. 🙂

    Twobarkingdogs – Yup, we had that!

    Gale – We are very lucky.

    Christina – Excellent. That makes me happy in return.

    Geraldine – He is very shiny, indeed!

    Lynn – Lol! Haven’t read the Broons in years.

    Pia – It’s a lovely pub and, with the new management, the food is now great too.

    Shona – Hello! Shall email you soon. But no, it’s not snow there. Lichen, like the next commenter suggested. There was snow on Cairngorm last week though!

    Danast – Thank you! And yes, you’re right about the lichen.

    Roo – Shall join you there if you ever do. 🙂

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