11 thoughts on “Snowy Saturday

  1. beautiful photos – can’t believe all this snow this year when there was not a bit of it last year when we visited scotland

    marco looks very quizzical like he just doesn’t know what this icy stuff is

  2. Wendy – fantastic photos, I love the one with the boats, and of course, Marco looks like he is enjoying himself. We had a Westie as children and the snow used to bobble in his fur just like that!

  3. Brrrrrrrrrrr. It is a gorgeous but also difficult landscape; looking at the snow, I’m grateful that my ancestors emigrated, even though it wasn’t entirely voluntary for them, unrepentant MacGregors/Magruders.

  4. @ Ozarkhomesteader… greetings from another McGregor 🙂

    Awwww, look at all that lovely snow! Has your school been closed yet, Wendy? A few free days to huddle-up at home?

  5. I love your snowflakes floating across the screen. We have tons of snow here in Northern California right now. It is so lovely!

  6. So Jealous of the snow!! Here in Nova Scotia it is a balmy 9 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t make any sense!! Love your blog.

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