Can’t Stop Eating

Lucy’s post inspired me to make this for lunch recently.

Toasted seeded bread and mixed greens (sautéed in a little olive oil and garlic then mixed with a little Balsalmic vinegar) topped with a poached egg.

Ate this on three different occasions last week.


19 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Eating

  1. Yum! This week I have felt like comfort eating and had cheese on thick toast for dinner, a lot!Somtimes it is the simple things…
    It is snowing on your blog…very cute!

  2. Fabulous. There’s little savoury in the kitchen that can’t be improved with poached egg on top!

    Lovely pictures – looks like you’ve had a little bit of daylight amid all the snow?

  3. So….. how did you get the odor of vinegar to POP! I looked at the picture and I swear I can smell Balsamic vinegar. I believe that I do need to go into my kitchen and maker me some of this……*RIGHT NOW!!
    Thank you from a Finn in Washington State USA.

  4. Oh Wendy, this is just my kind of food. Love greens with a bit of garlic, olive oil and vinegar. I’m in an omelette phase at the moment, because I’ve *just* learnt how to make them perfectly and I’m so excited about my new skill.

    But now I’m hankering for a poached egg and some greens.

  5. That’s the kind of thing I can eat incessantly, too 😉 Poached eggs and great winter greens are always a winner in this household. Yummy tummy food, especially in this weather!

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