Weekend Bird Blogging


12 thoughts on “Weekend Bird Blogging

  1. The small birds, they resemble Chickadees here in the Pacific Northwest USA except for coloring. Are they Scottish Chickadees of some sort? Thanks! Also what is the top Raptor looking bird?

  2. those are beatiful! do you use a zoom lense? i loved the bluetit photos
    and did you put the snow on the apple in the tree ready for the photo??!!

  3. Hugh – Thank you!

    Pat – They are Blue-tits which are related to chickadees, Google tells me. And that top bird is just a Blackbird. Not a raptor. Just very grumpy. 🙂

    Lucy – 🙂

    Johanna – It’s an apple, actually!

    Pippa – Just the zoom that’s fitted to my camera (x8, I think). They were right outside my kitchen window.

  4. Honestly Wendy, your photos are always so beautiful and interesting. I ran out of words to describe them ages ago!
    Best wishes, Wendy (Wales)

  5. Your bird pictures are lovely! I can never get any good ones with my camera, but yours are so crisp. They remind me that I should put out my feeder as it has gotten to -20F windchill here and with the two plus feet of snow the poor things probably can’t find anything on the ground anymore.

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