For the last few years I’ve posted a collage of photos on Hogmanay representing the preceding year.  I see no reason to break that tradition this year. 🙂

(Bigger versions of the photos can be seen here)

Hope you all have a lovely New Year’s Eve!

P.S.  Just to make the year that wee bit better, one of my favourite bloggers, Amanda, has re-emerged on the scene.  Go check out her blog here.  Beautiful recipes.

P.S. Off to a ceilidh tonight to ring in the New Year.  Bruce MacGregor’s playing.  Excellent.  If I stop dancing for a moment, I’ll take some photos.


11 thoughts on “Hogmanay

  1. I was about to say how much I love the “33” and snowy dog photos when I saw your sweet shout out. Thank you! You’re awfully kind. And as per usual, I am so, so jealous about the ceilidh. Why don’t New Yorkers have ceilidhs? Something needs to be done.

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