9 thoughts on “Pug

  1. love pugs! there are a few of them living in our neighbourhood, one named gunvald (he’s always very happy to see malte) and the other named… malte (both in the same colours as the one above). it’s silly since their old pug passed away and they had met the REAL malte on walks for several years and suddenly some years ago they got a new dog and named him malte too. not that common a name in sweden so it kind of pu-bugs me in a way… 🙂

  2. I was so sorry Wendy, to read about your dear Mother. You showed a picture of her once at your kitchen sink, her back to the camera and I thought that even at that angle she looked like a kind and motherly lady. I know this situation, Wendy. I have been through it many years ago and it is painful. Please be brave dear girl and give all my best wishes to your Mum. Mary.

    P.S. Glad to hear that ‘the Boy’ Marco is well. Kiss him for me. Mary.

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