Rosie. Again.


9 thoughts on “Rosie. Again.

  1. Hello Wendy, I haven’t read your blog for ages. I have had a very sick husband who had to have surgery at the beginning of Dec. I am only now catching my breath. You mentioned that your Mum is ill. Hope Wendy it is not too serious. I will send positive thoughts to her and to you too. Also is wee Marco ill. I am confused by your comments and only hope that I have got it all wrong since I haven’t been following you for a while. Mary Crawley.

  2. Rosie thanks you for all the compliments. She knows she’s gorgeous.

    Mary – So very sorry to hear about your husband. I do hope he is recovering and that you are coping. Marco is fine – sorry for any confusion. It’s my mum that is ill, terminally so. Hence all the dogs and the lack of words. Thanks for the kind thoughts.

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