Guest Dog Blogging

My friend Lucy sent me an email a couple of days ago with some words of support and a cheering photo of her pup, Poppy.  I adore Poppy even though I’ve never met her or her owner, both of whom live on the other side of the planet.   Ain’t blogging grand?

So here is Poppy, the sleepy, cheeky, patched terrier:

P.S. If anyone else wants to send me dog photos, I’d more than gladly receive them!  Send those canine snaps to wjharrison77[at]aol[dot]com


10 thoughts on “Guest Dog Blogging

  1. Yep. Blogging really is grand.

    SO loving the idea of guest dog blogging!

    (plus there is some talk down here of another visit to your shores…and there will be NO way of missing out on seeing you next time. NO way).

  2. Wendy

    My sister and family have a wee Jack Russel too, and I’ll send on a pic of our Bob when he was with us.

    PS Love the Wolfhounds too, but how much room do they need!


  3. Wendy,

    I really hope things get better soon, and am sending you good thoughts out into the blogging ether.

    I don’t have any dog photos (although have been squealing at all the cute shots) but I can supply copious amounts of cat pictures!

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