The Veggie Plots

There were a few months there where I wasn’t at home very often.Β  It’s our first year in our new home and my intention had been to build some raised beds to start growing my veggies once again. Assumed it was going to have to wait for another year until my lovely partner, D, took it upon himself to do all the hard work for me.

So now I have two raised beds…

Things are beginning to happen in these beds…

And inside, every available sunny surface has been claimed by seedlings that have yet to be moved out side…

And those that will never see the great (but rather chilly) Scottish outdoors…

It’s all rather exciting. πŸ™‚


20 thoughts on “The Veggie Plots

  1. Oh you have tomatoes coming, look at all those flowers. How exciting. And lovely to have your raised beds built for you, when you thought you were going to have to delay. Watching the garden grow is very restorative.

  2. What a lovely boy you have! Those beds look lovely, in fact I’m in half a mind to get out and paint ours to match our shed (which is a similar shade of green to yours)

    I second what Kathryn said – watching a garden is a very restorative thing to come home to. I love the daily ritual of wandering out with a cup of tea to see what has changed over the course of the day.

  3. LOVE the painted beds and your shed!! D’s a topper!! Also love the first photo – Marco is just waiting for something to grow so he can get in about it πŸ™‚ x

  4. It’s funny when I first moved from Scotland to Utah and I struggled to cope in the Summer heat myself I didn’t realise then that although I could grow new varieties of vegetables I couldn’t have dreamed of before I would have to wait a few weeks further into the year than I was used to before I could do so. Scotland may well have a reputation for being cold but it’s seasons are much less extreme than other places

  5. Looks awesome Wendy. What all are you growing? This year I added 3 more 8′ x 4′ raised beds to the 3 8′ x 2′ beds I built last year. A little insane for just me and Barkley, but I am hooked! I have already been able to eat salads from my garden and look forward to everything else starting to produce–especially my tomatoes πŸ™‚

  6. Looks great! You’ve inspired me to try my hand in growing my own vege garden, although I doubt how successful I’m going to be since I’m right smack in the middle of a big city enveloped in *cough* smoke.

  7. marco is being very restrained up there. freshly turned earth is the best earth to dig in, or so i am quite reliably told by a small scruffy terrier.

    hairy toms in the light = gorgeous!

  8. what lovely raised beds, colour coordinated too!!
    might even tempt me to do some veg gardening with such fabulous beds.

  9. Everything looks so beautiful! All the seedling everywhere reminds me of our house – we just got our pepper and tomatoes in the ground this AM. We are going back out in a little while to do the winter squashes! Enjoy your garden! It looks like Marco is! πŸ™‚

  10. Fantastic! I can’t wait to see what you grow. I hapen to think that getting your hands in the earth is very healing, for what it’s worth. Love those tomatoes in that light.

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