Summer Plans

  • Read, read, read. Just finished this.  Now reading this.  Looking forward to thisAny other recommendations???
  • Run, run, run.  I’m training for the Loch Ness marathon in October…
  • Learn to use the manual settings on my camera.
  • Blog more.
  • Go to Austria with my Dad.
  • Enter the village vegetable show again.
  • Prepare for my new job.  I got a promotion and the role starts in August.  🙂
  • Find new walking routes locally.

I may add others below as and when I think of them…

How about you?  Plans?


12 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. Congratulations on your promotion – lucky you having summer holidays stretching out before you – glad it will give you some time to do things with your dad – that must be important right now! I wish I could get a bit more reading done – can’t even remember what I have read lately – though E got me a few good murder mysteries – by Ellie Griffiths and Anne Cleves – for my birthday that I could recommend if you like such things – very light for those of us with little time for reading. One of my favourite books is Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson – slow beautiful introspective.

  2. your doing loch ness- it looks a great run-well done! Hope the training is going well. Have you read- “what i talk about when I talk about running” -very light book but enjoyable. Shantaram?yes- you need a LONG holiday just to read that. I read One Day last year and noticed a film is coming out of it-read t before seeing the movie if you haven’t already done so-really enjoyable. My summer plans are quite similar-and it is so nice to not have a jam packed holiday!Enjoy!

  3. I would read anything written by Maggie O’Farrel, my favoutite is ‘After You’d Gone’. Sounds like you are in for a busy Summer, enjoy!

  4. Great plans.
    Well I have a new role at work, that is probably going to drive me mad, but I’m enjoying it.
    And, like you, I should use the manual settings on the camera more. Apart from that, it’s the chickens that will be keeping me occupied for a wee while


  5. The last book I loved was The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst. Also The Night Watch by Sarah Waters.

    Congratulations on your promotion!

  6. great to hear your plans for summer, and to be with your dad. Reading: how about joining Good way to track what you read and to get recommendations. You can friend people there also… I’m currently reading the last two Tibetan novels by Eliot Pattison (last name is correct) about the fortunes of a man named Shan (Manchurian Chinese) who was sent to Tibetan re-education camps. They’re fiction, sort on on the mystery side. Fascinating in their picture of Tibet and the Buddhist lamas.

    • Hi Wendy. Looking forward very much to coming up to your part of the world with my annual visit to beautiful Nairn. The beach, The Games, The Showies and just breathing in the Scottish air, can’t wait. Have a good one. Yorkshire Jo.

  7. Johanna – Haven’t read a good murder mystery in ages. Shall look these up. x

    Robin – Adored “One Day” but am hugely skeptical about the movie coming out. Hope I’m wrong!

    Pia – Thank you!

    Mary – Read “After You’d Gone” last summer and enjoyed it. “The Vanishing of Esme… something-or-other” is one of my planned reads for this month.

    Roo & Jacqueline – Thank you!

    DM – A friend recommended Sarah Waters to me just this weekend. Shall definitely add her to my list.

    Kim – Tibetan mysteries?? Sounds intriguing!

    Jo – I was at a wedding in Nairn at the weekend. Horrific weather but beautiful all the same! Hope it brightens up by the time you get here.

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