Lake Garda

Austria was fantastic; the weather was not.

In a bid to find some warmth, we took a trip across the Italian border to Lake Garda.  It was a three hour journey there and a three hour journey back in one day.  A lot of travelling but 100% worth it.  Lake Garda is stunning.  Would go back in a shot.


15 thoughts on “Lake Garda

  1. Love the photos! Beautiful part of the world which I will probably never get a chance to visit. But, who knows, maybe one day only after I see Scotland first!!

  2. Hi Wendy! Haven’t commented in ages, but still read your blog! How funny – in my last blog post about thin-crust pizza I was reminiscing about my trip to Italy when I was 12 years old. Lake Garda was our first stop on that trip. I had forgotten what it looked like (those pictures are buried away somewhere at my parents’ house) but seeing your pics takes me back! What an amazing place.

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