Daylight walks seem like a gift these days.


9 thoughts on “Blustery

  1. Beautiful! These days I’ve felt like daylight has not been given even the slightest chance to peak out through dark, heavy, clouds. It’s almost depressing feeling the day shift from black, to dark grey, only to be replaced by blackness again a few hours later. I’m very thankful for electricity and candles!

  2. this will sound strange but I’m back…I visited your website a year ago..loving the combo of photos, with recipes, and the feeling of visiting Scotland! I live south of Montreal, in Canada. I love your photos, and as I’m asking for a camera for xmas, I’d love to know the make and model you use, and is it relatively easy to use? If you’d share that information it may help me choose among the overwhelming choice of cameras out there. And now.. I’m hooked again and will be following your blog ….

  3. Anne – Candles are soul-savers!

    Robyn – Bawbag blew it’s best but our roof remained on. There were a few hairy moments though!

    Kathy – Hello again! My current camera is a Panasonic DMC FZ18. It’s a bridging camera so a bit bigger than a point&shoot but is very easy to use. The FZ18 isn’t made anymore but the FZ45 is pretty much the same. Hope that helps!

  4. Can it be? The Wendy from Wendy House? I am an English teacher there now, started in 2004. I just came across your blog when I was looking for joulutortut, scrolled down the comments and someone mentioned Wendy House!
    Merry Christmas to you!

    • Hello Leigh Ann! I am indeed the Wendy formerly employed at Turku Wendy House. Happy days! How is the place? Is Jonathon still there? Send my love to him. 🙂

      • We moved to a new building by the castle this past summer. It’s nice — floors are flat. 😉 Jonathan is still there. I will tell him. Beautiful blog!

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