A Winter’s Morning

From last weekend…


15 thoughts on “A Winter’s Morning

  1. You live in a very beautiful part of the world, for sure! We have had some great sunrises in the past week or two, but nothing like you have!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Simply beautiful! Do you use the viewfinder or the LCD to frame your shots? They are really gorgeous. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’m also looking forward to your 2012 posts!!


  3. Ah Wendy, thank-you for yet another set of beautiful photos that always make me happy and refresh my soul. That’s why I always stop by to check your website. I genuinely mean it when I say ‘Thank-you!!’

    OK, tit for tat time, I really hope you enjoy this…..

    …….it’s the Australian Girls Choir, with a stunning rendition of ‘Eternity’ by Michael Bojesen, a Danish composer. This was incredibly moving heard live, but it is still haunting despite not being the best quality recording ( it’s from their 2011 Sydney Spring Concert – my daughter’s in the choir and this was performed by the top level of the Choir). The link is my small way of trying to say ‘Thank-you’ for all the effort you put into this blog, especially this year.

    BTW, I’ve already made 10 batches of my husband’s Aunt Bessie’s Highlander Shortbreads – she passed away this year – and although I’m the only wog in the family, I’m the only one who spreads the Scottish love around at Christmas by baking these shortbreads every year – and I may need to make another few batches before the New Year!
    Warmest regards for Christmas and the New Year



  4. Hello Wendy it’s Karolina and Graham (your cousin) here, we enjoyed looking through your blog, love the pictures of the landscapes, and food of course looks tasty!

  5. Thank you all. Hope you had a great Christmas. 🙂

    Gale – Tend to use the LCD to frame landscape shots. Just got a new camera though so that could change.

    Margaret – That was really beautiful. Thank you. I’m making shortbread today too!

    Karolina & Graham – Hello! Thanks for the kind words. Always a bit shy when people from my “real” world visit here. 🙂 Hope you’ve both had a lovely Christmas. Would be great to finally meet you, Karolina! Love W x

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