I got a new camera at Christmas time.  For weeks it was grey and dark and I had little opportunity to get to know my new camera properly.  That all changed this weekend.

Think I’m in love.


29 thoughts on “Sunday

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  2. You take incredible photos! This is art. I often marvel at the number of people who walk the Earth, and we don’t even know who they are, what they do, how much beauty they contribute. I love your blog. I absolutely love it and thanks for sharing. I found most of your photos in this bunch striking, but the one with Marco floating/rushing toward you in the field is exquisite. Lovely!

  3. Showing some of my work colleagues what a talented sister I have. They want to know the make / model of the new camera?

  4. Absolutely, unbelievably gorgeous! Took me a minute to recognize that the black object in the field was Marco. The 4th & 5th…I want to be there…they are stunningly beautiful & so inviting.

  5. Your photo’s have always been lovely, even more so now. The two forest pictures have an ethereal beauty to them. And Marco shots bring a smile every time.

  6. Wendy, what lens do you typically use with your new Nikon D5100? If you have several, which lens do you find you use for most of your photos?


  7. Hi Cynthia – The photos above were mostly taken with Nikon 55-200mm VR lens. Also use the 18-55mm VR Lens that came with the camera but I’m less keen on it.

  8. Grandparents on both sides of my family came from Glasgow and Kirkintilloch, but I’ve only visited Edinburgh. Your photos created a strong desire in me to visit the rest of Scotland. It looks like home to me!

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