10 thoughts on “Signs

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  2. T – We’ve still got a few months before Spring actually arrives but a few mild days brought out some early signs. Reminded me of what’s to come. 🙂

    Anne – We had our one and only fall in December. It could still happen again though, I guess!

  3. similarly, i am seeing signs of autumn…darling, i keep seeing pictures of europe FREEEEEEEZING, and hope that you three are keeping nice and snug!

    you and that camera are doing some fabulous work, by the way. x

  4. thanks I needed this! I am one of those hopelessly positive people who refuse to believe it will snow and that spring is coming. but it snowed. grr. been a little weary of winter, but yet, I see the signs too! I see the sun setting an hour later than normal, I hear the birds singing..spring is coming!!!

  5. Just got linked here by Shuhan (previous comment) – I was just complaining about the dismal cold and winter in my previous post – so lovely to see it’s shooting through somewhere – can’t wait for the first buds and blossoms to come out here!

  6. I’ve just come across your blog and i’m absolutely hooked! Your recipes and photographs are just beautiful. My daughter is studying in Dundee and so we have been over a couple of times to Scotland and last year went to Aberfoyle. I thought Northern Ireland was nice but the scenery in your photographs is stunning. I made your meatloaf on Monday and it was very well received by all and I’m definitely going to try out some more. I have a border collie and I know he would just love walks there 🙂

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