13 thoughts on “Marco

  1. Oh MY!

    That first picture. No words can describe.

    Would you mind if I used it for my wallpaper?
    Would not sell or give away, or use on internet.

    You need to trademark this one. Put a watermark on it …. something …. before someone uses it commercially.

    A blog I go on, her food photos were stolen by a Japanese company.


  2. Hi Charlie, Of course you can use it for your wallpaper. Will perhaps start doing the watermark thing now you mention it… Thanks for the advice.

  3. Hi, I totally agree with Charlie.. watermark all your photos, they are amazing. I use some of your photos as screensavers and that gorgeous sweet face of Marco, but people who do this enjoy your work for themselves. I dont think someone should benefit, say financially, from your gift to take extraordinary photos unless you do as well. Charlie has it spot on, watermark. Put Marcos paw print somewhere!!

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