9 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. I think I’ve looked at most of your posts now and I just love your blog, it is so beautiful. I’ve gathered you love dogs, food and books, we could be twins!! I want to recommend a book I just read recently “Room” by Emma Donoghue and since you are an English teacher get your pupils to read “The Hunger Games” and one that I read as a teenager and have just bought for my son “Adrian Mole aged 13 and 3/4” it’s the 30th edition of it, best book ever and so funny. I’ll definitely be making your sticky toffee pudding, it looks yummy. I’m so glad I founf your blog, 🙂 Laura

  2. Thank you all!

    Laura – I’ve read Room – very good – and, funnily enough, I just finished The Hunger Games last night on the recommendation of some of my pupils! Glad you like the blog. Enjoy the sticky toffee pudding!

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