Frozen Firth

I like weather.

Today, the temperature remained firmly in the low teens (Celcius) and, both morning and evening, I had to remove layers whilst out walking with Marco.  Only a couple of weeks ago, though, we had to wrap up warmly to crunch through the ice that caked the shores of the Beauly Firth on a clear, icy Friday afternoon.


5 thoughts on “Frozen Firth

  1. Your photographs are awesome. We are still in summer, here in Australia, and it is lovely to see the cold weather when we are baking in weather that is far too hot at the moment.

  2. Wonderful pictures Wendy! We were going to stay in a darling little cottage in Beauly last year, and then had to cancel our trip. I’m assuming Beauly Firth is near Beauly? 😉

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