Ne’er Cast a Clout…

There’s a Scottish saying: Ne’er cast a clout till May is oot.  It means don’t pack away your winter clothing until the end of May.  The following pictures show why this is sound advice in these parts…

Last Tuesday.  22 oC.  Sunny.  Still.

This Tuesday. 0 oC.  Snowy.  Windy.

Marco’s happy, at least.  He loves the snow.  🙂

027 a video by wjharrison on Flickr.

11 thoughts on “Ne’er Cast a Clout…

  1. What a difference! I was visiting my daughter in Dundee at the weekend and we sat eating ice cream in Broughty Ferry with our sunglasses on and then yesterday she texted me a photo of her back garden covered in snow! Marco is so cute and obedient. Enjoy your colder Easter holidays 🙂

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