Off to Italy for the next week.  See you all when I return!


8 thoughts on “Arrivederci

  1. An Ikea chair! Or a lookalike. And Lake Garda? I’ve only heard about it through gorgeous Pinterest pins, so I look forward to your evaluation 🙂

  2. I have stumbled upon your blog while looking for a recipe for chocolate & aubergine cake. I know I’m going to spend lots of time here! Super photographs. Lovely Lake Garda, we stayed in Malcesine in August a few years ago, we didn’t do our research properly – it rained torentially for 3 days & we hadn’t taken an umberella!
    Bet all the rain keep Marco’s coat nice & soft.

  3. Too cute! Hope you have a lovely time. It’s almost guaranteed if you travel to Italy. Lake Como, which is near is also nice 🙂

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