Back from a fantastic holiday on sunny Lake Garda feeling very relaxed and full of ideas for the kitchen.


15 thoughts on “Italy

  1. Nice series of photos! I have been to Italy as well but the usual places like Rome, Firenze, Venezia and Milano, nothing like your photos! Your photos are really nice!

  2. Hi Wendy! Looks like you had a wonderful time in Italy! We are looking forward to escaping the desert summer heat and will be visiting Venice, Florence and Rome in September. Your photos have made me even more impatient! Greetings from Dubai, Jessica



    is that your lovely dad raising a glass ‘o white? lovely.

    italy is amazing, no? you imagine that all of those laneways and such will be cliched and then…they are so not cliche. they are magic. your pics are gorgeous, darling. make me want to go immediately.

    now. will you please make sure that you get some of your photos printed? put them up on the wall/in an album/whatever is right, ‘cos i didn’t do it with my italy shots and then lost them all. and in print, i imagine your pics will be even more divine. x

  4. These are really lovely photographs from your vacation. I can tell just by looking at them that you had a smashing time. I hope you share kitchen inspirations you gathered from your trip especially if you have photos.

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