Pulled Pork

We visited Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Barbecoa, in London during the summer and were very impressed.  The service was relaxed and friendly, the view of St Paul’s was spectacular and the food was excellent.  Afterwards, as we walked back to our friends’ flat in the warm city night, David and I discussed our highlights.  For me, it was my starter:  a watercress, apple and walnut salad with a blue cheese dressing.  For David, the highlight was his main of pulled pork with waffles and barbecue sauce.  He loved it and, ever since, has been badgering me to make it at home.

So I did.  And it was amazing.

Though it is delicious and  a crowd-pleaser and ridiculously simple to make, it’s also very, very indulgent!  If you are dieting or watching your weight, I advise you to just step away from the recipe.  Once tried, it’ll be hard not to make again.  And again.  And again.

Pulled Pork

(serves 4)

1.5 kg pork shoulder (skin on and scored)

300g barbecue sauce

200ml white wine vinegar

Salt and pepper

  • Preheat your oven to 200 oC.
  • Rub the pork joint generously with salt and pepper.  Place into a heavy casserole dish and pour over the vinegar then the barbecue sauce.
  • Place the lid on the dish and pop in the oven for 4 hours, removing every hour to baste.
  • After four hours remove from the oven.  If, like me, you would like to reduce the fat content of the dish ever so slightly, carefully remove the excess skin from the top of the pork and pour off the excess oil that will be surrounding the meat.  Be careful not to pour away any of the sauce though!  If you don’t care about, move on to the next step.
  • Use a couple of forks to shred the meat which should pull apart very, very easily then toss with the barbecue sauce which will have caramelised beautifully around the meat.
  • Serve in buns with coleslaw and sweet potato fries.

18 thoughts on “Pulled Pork

  1. OMG…that looks sooo good! (and, now I know what pulled pork is. Someone made a reference to that not long ago, and I hadn’t a clue what it was. Now I know :D)

  2. Entertaining friends at the weekend and was wondering what to cook? Just found your recipe for Pulled Pork. Fantastic!! Just what they will need after I have dragged them up and down some mountains. p.s. Love the photo’s

  3. going to attempt this today. ive shared it on my facebook page . i usually make mine in the slow cooker with coke or apple juice,bar b sauce,lots of herbs and spices. this looks so much easier. thanks for sharing it

  4. We made it yesterday (weekend dinner)! I couldn’t get any pork shoulder with skin on, so I bought some boneless and skinless. As a result, there was hardly any fat involved. I couldn’t have poured the excess of grease even if I wanted to, because after four hours the sauce boiled down to thick, sticky caramel-like glaze. No fat at all. According to specialists, the skin-and-fat covering is very important, as it leaves the meat more juicy. Oh well – our pulled pork seemend spectacular anyway. It was wonderfully tender, practically melt-in-the-mouth delicate. I think it would be a great party dinner dish – it’s easy to divide, it yields a ton (by our standards – way more than 4 servings) and it practically makes itself. Thanks for posting this!

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