Autumn Happenings

I have plenty to post about but no time to do so.  Until I do, here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.

By the by, the dolphins were photographed way way down the Beauly Firth.  I’ve never seen them so far inland before.  Camera-less, Marco and I followed them down the coast for an hour before calling David to come down.  It was a special morning and it’s only now, when I can’t share better pictures of the creatures with you guys, that I regret not having my camera the whole time…


8 thoughts on “Autumn Happenings

  1. Beautiful! Embarrassing admission: when we were in Inverness 3 years ago, we tried to go look for dolphins, but we couldn’t find our way to the bridge to get out of town in the proper direction. We kept on trying, but there was a lot of traffic, & we couldn’t find anyone to ask, so we finally gave up & headed out to our destination for that day.

  2. I live in Edinburgh but, sadly, rarely take time at the weekends to explore all that autumn has to offer. I hear we have dolphins and Minkes in the Firth of Forth so I might be able to see a stunning display too. Love your cheeky blackbird as well. We have a pair how nick our hens’ food everyday. You’ve inspired me to get off my rear and get outside.

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