Evening Cycle

These photos were taken just a couple of weeks ago. I’d got home from work and the light was lovely so I headed out on my bike for an hour before making tea.

Glad I took advantage of the opportunity whilst I could.  The the clocks have now changed and the nights are drawing in and I’m arriving home in the dark in the evenings.



7 thoughts on “Evening Cycle

  1. These are lovely, Wendy. I particularly like the tangled, woody, leaf-strewn path and the old stone wall – so reminiscent of my childhood in Dumfries. There are remnants of these walls here in South Australia built by the early immigrants, the sight of which pleases me no end.

  2. Beautiful, once again! I’ve found that my old digital camera is now being outstripped by my smartphone’s camera, so may have to upgrade soon. The phone is better with slanty light like this,… but not this good! 😉

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