Old Year; New Year

Happy New Year to you all!

The collage above is an overview of last year.  It most certainly had its trials but there was an awful lot to treasure in there too.

Thinking of the coming year, I have three resolutions I’d like to fulfil:

  1. Sign up for guitar lessons
  2. Take more pictures of people
  3. Blog more often

Will let you know how I get on!

10 thoughts on “Old Year; New Year

  1. happy new year wendy – good luck with your resolutions – I will be happy if you blog more often but will be even more happy about you having a good year with more smiles than trials 🙂

  2. Guitar lessons would be fun … and very useful when you next have a tapas evening !
    But really , I don’t see how you could improve on your blog … delicious food and stunning photos galore .
    And Marco , the George Clooney of the spaniel world .

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