Salad of the Moment

My favourite cookbook of last year was undoubtedly Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s  Everyday Veg.  Lots of lovely workable, unfussy ideas for veggie meals and snacks.  It’s barely been off my cookbook stand since I got it and is already covered in splatters and splodges of various foodstuffs.  Always a good sign.

One of the recipes we’ve come back to time and time again is the Lentil, Parsnip and Watercress Salad.  Unusual combination but it’s a cracker of a dish.

Simply toss around 5 peeled and roughly chopped parsnips in a little olive oil then roast for 25 mins in a 200 oC oven until golden brown and slightly caramelised.  Meanwhile boil 125g of puy lentils in water with a couple of bay leaves and an onion.   Drain, remove the bay and onion then toss the hot lentils with a honey, garlic and mustard dressing.  Allow the lentils and parsnips to cool a little (the salad is best warm rather than hot) then top with generous handfuls of watercress.

We dished this up for a couple of lunch guests recently with a Spanish tortilla, rye bread and hummus.


11 thoughts on “Salad of the Moment

  1. One of my all-time favorite veg recipes is from another of his books, involving honey, mustard, and rosemary on roasted root veggies. Like you say, so simple, yet so delicious! 🙂

  2. yummy. love lentil salads. happy new year wendy. (One of my favourite cook books that i got recently is gwyneth paltrow’s notes from my kitchen table-actually has some lovely veg recipes in.

  3. Lovely salad idea Wendy. Wintery, but fresh tasting I’m sure, with all that watercress. I’ve been looking at Hugh’s book, wondering if I should buy it. However I’m in a “no new cookbooks” mania at the moment, determined to make better use of the ones I’ve got *before* I buy anything else.

    My favourite cookery book purchase of this year was Fuschia Dunlop’s ‘Every Grain of Rice’. I’m still exploring, but it’s beautiful food. Chinese home cooking, with lots of vegetables and reasonably simple recipes, as long as you have the ingredients. The few recipes I’ve tried have been outstanding.

  4. Oh, I like the sound of that Wendy! I agree with you – I think if you lentils in a salad – it’s better to have it served warm. Happy New Year to you. Hope 2013 is filled with good news for you.

  5. I made this salad and I’m a bit torn. The ingredients seems all right, but… maybe the greens would benefit from some kind od dressing too? They seem sort of cold and dry thrown on top of the salad, and that was a bit jarring. Next time I’ll toss them with some mustard vinegrette too.

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