Butterflies, Bees and Blue Skies

Good grief, it’s lovely here right now.  You know, I’ve always preferred the colours of autumn, the signs of spring and the sharpness of winter but this year…  Well, this year summer has completely won me over.


7 thoughts on “Butterflies, Bees and Blue Skies

  1. Thank you for the gorgeous photos! I miss Scotland, SO MUCH and am dying that I am missing it in such lovely weather! However, I have entered a contest to try to win to compete at the World Porridge Championships in Carrbridge this October! Wish me luck! I don’t even care if it pours everyday (which it most likely will!) 😉

  2. Thank you so much!! I want to return and see so much more than just Edinburgh although truth to tell, that was brilliant!

  3. So gorgeous! The photos by water look so much like some I took in Acadia National Park in Maine. I love the colors in the last one!

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