Last (and best) Bit of Good News

The last and best bit of news is that D and I are engaged and are getting married next summer.  We’re both feeling a bit giddy right now.  🙂

Rather than a recipe, here are some photos from the past year taken on my phone.  It’s been a good year.



26 thoughts on “Last (and best) Bit of Good News

  1. Congratulations Wendy! My dear husband and I are headed towards 28 years of wedded bliss! I wish you both the same. Marriage is hard work, but well worth the effort…

  2. Congratulations – good luck with stress-free wedding planning!

    love the photos – I want an iphone that takes photos as beautiful as yours (just kidding – shows it is the skill of the photographer that really matters!)

  3. Beautiful personality plus Marco seems to approve… love the photo of Marco and D having an afternoon snooze, Congratulations!!! Cant wait for the follow up news…. You Absolutely Have to Publish a Book of Your Amazing Photos. They continue to lift the spirit, inspire and show how beautiful and simple nature is. Absolute best wishes for your future
    P.S. Is Marco wearing a Tux to the wedding??

  4. Congratulations! I thought I’d posted this reply earlier, but that’s iPhones for you. I love your blog and found it by accident, it was my introduction to food blogs, since then I have frittered away so many hours when I should have been doing more serious stuff!
    What a lovely life Marco has with lots of terrific walks in stunning locations. We are thinking about Scotland next year for our 27th anniversary, your blog has been a major influence.
    Buy Marco a nice ribbon for the wedding!

  5. You’re Scots, beautiful and handsome and have a wonder EC – other things are grand extras! Congratulations! This is such an wonderful blog and it’s nice to feel included in all the wonderful things (and great recipes) that have happened this year!

  6. Congratulations Wendy – I’ve lurked reading your blog for ages but never commented, thought it was about time! You, D and Marco will make a lovely family.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS to you and D on your wonderful news. (I thought you were married. LOL!) Looking forward to reading about it here! I can’t remember how long ago I found your blog, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it and have tried a few of your recipes that were just delicious. Congrats on all your other wonderful news. I live on the coast of North Carolina. If there is any way I can attend that class, I am going to try. It’s about 500 miles from where I live. Love your photos! Marco is just one adorable happy dog!

  8. Congratulations to your fiance! I’m a regular reader of your blog and he’s obviously a lucky man to snare: 1. a gorgeous-looking girl. 2. a wonderful photographer of nature and dogs.
    3. A talented cook, and food-lover. What’s not to love?? Hope you feel lucky too. Marriage is the best journey of all – happy sailing to the two of you.

  9. Oh my goodness, it’s all happening! Congratulations on your engagement… and lovely new hound. Exciting times!

    Really love your photos… looking at the one with the crystal clear water, hard to believe that summer we had. And that egg box looks familiar 🙂

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