Back Soon

So, it turns out that there are a limited amount of weeks in a month, days in a week and hours in a day.  And within these constraints, I have found, it is not possible to do everything one would like to/needs to.  Hence, the blog inactivity.

I will return at some point though.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Back Soon

  1. Hope you and your dear ones are well. Rest, catch up and come back to us just when you can, in the meantime we can always look at your beautiful photos to know what a glimpse of heaven is. Remember “Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”

  2. I miss the blog and Marco too! Love you photos and recipes and the chance to get a glimpse into a world so different from (but also very similar) to mine! With Love from Jeanne in Las Vegas, NV, USA and Marco’s secret twin, LuLu. ❤

  3. Happy Spring! It’s finally starting to arrive here in Toronto — been a very long, hard winter and am ready for colour and the warmth of sunshine! Look forward to hearing how your plans are coming along for your trip to the US in September. Thanks for the beautiful photo

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