First stop on our honeymoon was Hanoi, Vietnam.  I wish I could have captured the buzz and movement and erratic energy of the city in my photos but any shot that tried was just a flat, silent, odourless, cool blur.   And that’s  just not representative of the beeps and clatter and chatter, the countless motorbikes stacked precariously high with eggs or piled with family members, the smoking coals and the sweating cold beers, the heat and the humidity that is Hanoi.

It’s a place that couldn’t be more different to our home in airy, orderly Inverness and that’s why, rather than visiting museums and temples and other sites of interest, we spent our time just wandering the streets, stopping for a beer or some street food and just watching a very different world go by.




Bia Ha Noi


Amazing meal

Hanoi Food


Hanoi at Night


9 thoughts on “Hanoi

  1. Your photos are fantastic! What an amazing experience (and Honeymoon!) Thank you so much for sharing! best wishes – heather 🙂

  2. Great pics! Sounds like you had a wonderful honeymoon and adventure! Look forward to maybe a dish or two with a Vietnamese flavour.

  3. How interesting to start your honeymoon in Vietnam and such an adventure. Looking forward to more. You might enjoy http://jeanneexpatdiary.blogspot.com. She’s in the US presently, but will be returning to Vietnam soon. I would love to travel to that part of the world mostly to see the places that bombarded the evening news when I was growing up. My father lived and worked in that part of the world, mostly Thailand, during the war. I remember him talking about Thai food and how good it was. From cookbooks that I have read, the food seems very similar.

  4. amazing photos as ever wendy – I think you do capture some of the busy tropical ambiance and the beauty. glad your honeymoon is going well – belated congratulations on the wedding

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