Exciting Times


8 thoughts on “Exciting Times

  1. As an English woman living in Scotland I am so sad that this whole affair has been so divisive – and worse it will get. I had always dreamed of living north of the border, having taken holidays all over Scotland for well over 40 years, but now I just dread what we English (even though we think ourselves as British) will face in the coming years.

  2. Sorry, but don’t agree. SAD TIMES would be more apt. As a proud Scot living in England, I find it really sad that one of the greatest unions in world history has come to this. I haven’t met one single English person in nearly 30 years who doesn’t love Scotland, and the Scottish. Such a shame it is not reciprocated. Whatever the outcome, it is a sad day for the wonderful UNITED Kingdom. I wish you well, and love, with a heavy heart.

  3. I’m sorry your experiences have been negative, Jan and Phyllis. Other than what’s been in the media and on social networking, my personal experience of the referendum has been positive. I have friends/ family/ colleagues from Scotland, other parts of the UK and from overseas on both sides of the argument and there has been only healthy, good natured debate in these circles and in my local area and in my school. 85% turn out! Fabulous! I’m particularly proud of Scotland this week and, regardless of whether I voted yes or no, I’m very glad to have been asked the question.

  4. Give us an English person who loves Scotland over a Scot who hates England any day. It was not about that. It doesn’t matter any more…

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