Clear Skies

Do the weather gods read this blog?  The clouds have cleared since my last post and the sun has shone on my wee world.  It’s been glorious.

Hope you all had the Christmas you hoped for. x


5 thoughts on “Clear Skies

  1. Flipping amazing 🙂 We’ve had fog, now SNOW!!! probably more than 15 cms, and then temps crash to 0 F/ -17.7 C!! so enjoy your sun, looks lovely and the BEST New Year to you and yours.

  2. Hope this New Year will be better for All. The weather here has been to warm we had no snow for Christmas the ground was bare didn’t quit feel the season.But good family time. Hope for lots of snow for the New Year here in New Hampshire.We don’t wont the trees buds to come out to early and then get frost bit. Take Care.

  3. Sometimes they listen! We’ve had a lot of rainy weather here in coastal NC. It’s rainy and overcast today. After a while it gets to you, but we did have two warm sunshiny days. I sat out and sunbathed for an hour, even got a a little sunburned!! The weather seems to be topsy turvy everywhere! If we don’t hear from you until after the New Year…Here’s wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!!

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