I’ve been toying with the idea of giving up the blog recently.  Life in the last few years has got busier and I find myself with less time to experiment in the kitchen and capture my successes.  But every time I thought about drawing a line under A Wee Bit of Cooking, I felt sad.

This blog has been going for almost 10 years now (!!!) and has always been a really positive part of my life.  Not only have I “met” some truly lovely people and been given some fabulous opportunities, having a place to record beautiful/happy things in my life has often made me slow down and appreciate them more.   And that’s not something I want to give up.

So I’m opting to remain once again.

Recipes coming soon.  For now, let’s catch up with some iPhone photos from the last few months.



25 thoughts on “Remain

  1. Yours is the ONLY blog I follow! I enjoy the recipes and the photos. Especially now that we’ve left Scotland for Italy. Best wishes, Sally.

  2. My wife originally came from Brora, we met and married whilst I was serving at RAF Alness. So we have many happy and wonderful memories from the North of Scotland. Your blog, your beautiful pictures and recipes help us to maintain a connection to our roots (alright I’m English but my hearts in Scotland, I blame my wife as she took it!). So please keep the faith, your doing a marvelous job and making many people happy! Long may yer lum reek!

  3. Delighted you are staying…really made my year ( and now the future ones).Now and again posts are much better than no post Love Chris xx

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  4. Thank you for not giving up your blog! I really enjoy your postings and look forward to receiving the wee email messages in my email to advise you’ve posted a new one! Look forward to sharing your thoughts / photos / recipes / journey through life 🙂 – best wishes – heather

  5. I’m so glad you’re staying. I enjoy the simplicity of your recipes and the calming tone of your photos and words.

  6. I’m so glad you’ve chosen to stay. I follow only two blogs, and one is professional. The other, yours, I visit for the photos, and mostly because of the non-food photos, although those are truly amazing. It’s hard to make food look good in photos. I visit because the energy that emanates from posts and the accompanying photos is beautiful to me. Hugh Turk said it perfectly!

  7. Yea, very happy to hear this. even if you are only doing it sporadically. LOVE the last picture!!
    Am still making your Chocolate beet root cupcakes 🙂 YUM!! Cheers.

  8. Your blog is excellent, if life becomes too hectic (as it does), just post less often, quality over quantity!

  9. Thank you for not giving up… we would miss your beautiful pictures and little Marco. You continue to show us how beautiful our world can be but at the same time you have to look after yourself. Like others have said we are all happy with posts less often just don’t leave us without your inspirational photos and Marco.. thank you for staying

  10. I only discovered your blog a year ago, so please don’t stop now! As a pseudo-Scot from Manchester now living on the west coast of Vancouver Island, you give me a dose of reality.

  11. Ditto all of the above! I am so happy and thankful that you are going to continue on. I’ve been a long time follower and I sure would miss you, all those wonderful recipes, and Marco! I’ve always wanted to travel to Scotland and I love the photos you share of your part of the world. Maybe one of these days I will get there. Thanks again for continuing on with your blog and I will always be looking forward to your next post!
    Wanda Gale NC,USA

  12. So glad you are not giving up. I love checking in with your latest food ideas and have regularly referred to and referred on to others the tablet and wedding cake recipe. I’m looking forward to seeing the pics of the forthcoming American trip too. Keep on blogging as often as you like and we’ll keep on following you.

  13. I discovered your blog when I found out you’d been to a wedding in Echenevex (where I was living at the time). We’re still in that area of France but I’m a girl from Moray at heart and the beautiful pictures on your blog cheer my soul. And the wonderful recipes, MANY of which I’ve made, cheer me too! So glad you’re staying.

  14. Love ALL the above comments, glad that you’re staying with the blog. Thank you for allowing me to share a wee part of your life. My god-daughter in Washington loves your posts too.

  15. I immensely enjoy your blog. I absolutely love your photos of the Scottish highlands. Living in Edinburgh and Dalkeith for a couple years, I always thought i would return someday permanently. The years have past and I’m still in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but still hold a wee bit of hope. Your pictures and the food, oh my goodness, make me smile and I almost believe I am there breathing in the crisp Scottish air.

  16. My heart skipped a beat when I read this first, but then patted down a sigh of relief! Thank you for continuing your blog all these years! I started following your blog 5 years ago when going back and forth between Japan and New York while pursuing my doctorate. Reading your blog has been my escape from the tough moments. Your creative energy inspires me every day. I look forward to all of your future posts as I start this month as a research scientist in New York.

  17. Oh, thank you for not giving up your blog — even if you only post once in a while I am always checking in to see if you have any new pics of your lovely boy or beautiful homeland! Always look longingly at the scenery and hope to visit one day. 🙂 🙂

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