Cornbread and Beans…

We ate a lot of cornbread this summer and not all of it good.  Often I found it too cakey and extremely sweet . When it was good, however, it was fantastic.  Stand out cornbread experiences included my friend, Nanette’s kitchen, the dining hall of the Folk School and an excellent brunch in Marché Artisan Foods, Nashville.

Since returning I’ve made this version by Anna Jones several times.  It’s a coriander and chilli spiked version made with cornmeal and fresh corn.  Not very traditional, perhaps, but a cracker of a recipe.

PS If you don’t know Anna Jones, I highly recommend her cookbooks.  All dishes are vegetarian and I’m yet to find one that underwhelms me.


3 thoughts on “Cornbread and Beans…

  1. I do not like the sweet cakey cornbread either. I like it plain and simple. I fix it with fine cornmeal and add a few spoonfuls of self-rising flour, water, salt and pinch of sugar. If I bake it, I make the batter thinner than when I fry it. Some people add pork cracklings when they bake it. I have never baked any with cracklings. This recipe that you have shared sound delicious! I definitely want to try it!

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