Pilot Whales in the Beauly Firth

What a treat!




Leakey’s is an enormous second hand bookshop and cafe in Inverness.  Chock-a-block full of really old, kinda old and not-at-all old books and prints and maps and photographs, it’s a perfect place to spend an afternoon browsing and reading and buying in between big bowls of soup, coffees and lovely traybake cakes.

If you’re coming to Inverness, I reckon Leakey’s should be at the top of your “To See” list.


Not only is Friday scone day at work, it’s also when we finish classes earlier than the other days of the week.  Sometimes I stay on late to catch up on marking and paperwork or to tidy up the midden that is my desk; other times I head home shortly after the bell rings.

Today was the first still, sunny day we’ve had in these parts for weeks and weeks and weeks and…  Well, you get the idea.

No prizes for guessing what I did when the bell rang today.