12 thoughts on “Snow on Ben Wyvis

  1. Gorgeous photo Wendy! You can feel the bite in the air now that October has arrived. We both wore warm jackets for the first time yesterday. I have just been going around in cardigans until yesterday.

  2. Claire – Of course not. 🙂

    Holler – I’ve been wearing woolies for a while now!

    Johanna – I’m really enjoying those colder nights. Makes coming inside much cosier.

    Megan – You were right!

    Antonia – I’m jealous – wish I had a fire…

    Mallika – Yup, already. Can’t believe it either. Where did the year go?

    Yvonne – 35oC??? I’d melt. Really, I would.

  3. Thought it was cold enough for snow yesterday, but today it was warm again (in the sun anyway!). Can’t wait to get out to the mountains in the October hols.

  4. Wow, how beautiful. I’ve been wearing my woolies for a few days now but yesterday saw the return of the scarf. Well, it’s more of a wooly tube thing actually, which is apparently known as a ‘snood’. Brilliant!

  5. Jane – Sounds lovely. Think D will be dragging me up some hills too!

    Aforkfullofspaghetti – See, I’m not good with the heat. I live in the right place. 🙂

    Helen – Snoods! Now that takes me back to primary school when someone stuffed my snood down the toilet – little bxxxxxd! 😉

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