Braving the Cold


Pheasants and A Warning


There are two pheasants and four partridges hanging in my garage at the moment.  They were kindly given to me by a friend and local beater, Andy.

Today and later this week there will be pictures of the birds and their preparation on my Flickr account.  I tell you this partly because the meat-eaters amongst you might be interested in looking at them but, mostly, to forewarn my vegetarian/vegan readers that they might want to avoid the photos named after game birds.

Not On A Break

My blogging juices aren’t flowing at the moment.  Not sure why.  It certainly isn’t for a lack of recipes to share.  I still haven’t told you about this or about this.  Nor have I told you about all the partridges and pheasants and pigeons that have been hanging in the garage this autumn (thank you, Andy) nor about how I have learnt to pluck and gut and butcher these birds (sorry to be so graphic, vegetarians).

I will write about all of these things but not right now and not in the next couple of weeks.  That’s not to say that these pages will be post-less for the rest of the month.  Quite the opposite.  I’ve decided to post a picture a day instead.  A picture taken on that day, to be more precise.

Easier said than done, perhaps.  It’s only mid-November and already there are only eight hours of watery, winter light per day.  Expect a lot of candles!  😉

PS  That’s not a candle.  Got a Sun Jar for the window sill as a candle on Marco’s favourite lookout spot was way too risky.