As suspected, I was too preoccupied with old friends, amazing food and copious amounts of French wine to put much effort into photographing my weekend on the French/Swiss border. 

A few details to contextualise the few photos below-  We stayed in Gex(France) where there was a lovely Saturday morning market; the ceremony was in a pretty village church in Gingins (Switzerland) and the reception was held in a cosy but grand auberge in Echenevex (France) overlooking Mont Blanc. 

From the 7 old friends I got to catch up with to the 7 course meal to the 7km walk back to our accommodation at 5am in dainty heels, it was all absolutely wonderful.  🙂


And then home…


13 thoughts on “Gex

  1. looks beautiful – glad you were able to take some of your lovely photos – but even gladder you didn’t take so many as to distract yourself from catching up with friends – sounds a great trip

  2. what a lovely little snap shot of france/switzerland, i can almost smell it ~ thanks for the lovely photos ~ just shows: a few pictures can really capture the flavour of a whole area and event

  3. Sylvie – It really was. 🙂

    Jacqueline – Thank you! Glad you liked them.

    Kirsten – Returned home in a dreamlike state. The clouds seemed to reflect that.

    Jane – Was too!

    Em – 🙂 It was very special.

    Johanna – Yeah, I’m glad about that too. There have been points in the last few years (since starting this blog) that I’ve felt overly aware of photo-moments. Not this time. I was too caught up in the moment.

    Pippa – Thank you! That’s exactly what I hoped when I posted these.

    Sara – I really do think I am sometimes. Perhaps I’ll be a slug in my next life to even it all out.

    Helen – Twice? Now that’s just greedy… 😉

    Chrissie – Had just enough wine to dull the pain but not so much that I was sleepy. I.e. the perfect amount. 🙂

    Fran – As I said to Chrissie above, my feet were fine that night. The next day, however…

    P.K. – I’m really scared of flying. Views like that help.

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