More Guest Dog Blogging

Was sent the following pup pictures over the last week.  They sincerely did cheer me up.  Hope they brighten your day too. 


Marco and a couple of kitties manage to sneak in there too.  Couldn’t resist.  🙂

A larger version can be viewed here.

To Mary, Andrew, Eve, Mary, Cynthia, Artiom, Jeanne, Julie, Amanda, Maria, Lynn, Antonia and Maria – thank you.  x


16 thoughts on “More Guest Dog Blogging

  1. What an honor for Edith and Mildred (the Schnauzers) to appear on your website. Their three favorite things in life can be found here – other dogs, lots of beautiful land in which to roam, and good food. They say thank you. 🙂

    May your time with your mother be blessed beyond measure, Wendy. ❤

  2. Hi Wendy, Thanks for posting pics of my LuLu(Marco’s “secret twin”, the Cocker Spaniel!) She sends you kisses all the way from Las Vegas!

  3. Glad to see some kitties made it. LOL! I almost sent a snap of my Gracie. What an honor for them to be there amongst all the dogs! Love dogs too!!

  4. Hey hey

    Great to see Bobbie in the mix – cheers! Just after I took that, he snuck over to me and slapped a dirty great lick onto the camera lens. I think it was his way of saying let me lie!

    Love the rest of the photos too, and glad they cheered you up


  5. Delta and Spock, 2nd bottom right hand side, want to say ‘hello’ to all the other doggies – and the cats as well – out there in cyberspace blogland. I hope that these photos might make your Mum feel better. Please give her our love.

  6. My Pinito is the last one. The one with the bushy eyebrows and the innocent look.
    Innocent my foot.
    Thank you so much, Wendy, and tons of good wishes from the Canary Islands.

  7. Well now that Arthur feels he has a “media presence” I’m not sure there will be any controlling his ego at all. Not that there ever was : )
    Thank you Wendy. Arthur and I both send you love. xo A

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