Leakey’s is an enormous second hand bookshop and cafe in Inverness.  Chock-a-block full of really old, kinda old and not-at-all old books and prints and maps and photographs, it’s a perfect place to spend an afternoon browsing and reading and buying in between big bowls of soup, coffees and lovely traybake cakes.

If you’re coming to Inverness, I reckon Leakey’s should be at the top of your “To See” list.


22 thoughts on “Leakey’s

  1. Hi Wendy! Every time we’re in the Highlands, we visit Leakey’s for a browse and a bowl of soup or coffee and something homebaked and delicious. It truly is a little oasis in the middle of Inverness and we love it! 🙂 Hope your 2013 has started well. Greetings from Dubai / Jess

  2. Looks like Heaven…is it possible to pay a little rent and just hunker down in a corner with a good book and spend the rest of your life there?…My bags are packed and I’m ready to go…be encouraged!

  3. Ditto all the.comments about moving in! I was in inverness for 3 nights and came to Leakeys twice! One visit.involved meeting a French-speaking mother and son, and both involved tea and a cake. Ahh, to be their stray cat… 🙂

  4. looks absolutely fantastic!! i’ve been to inverness, many years ago, it must have been in the mid 1990ies, not sure this place was around then? on the other hand i wasn’t the person i am today and would probably not have appreciated it as wholeheratedly as i surely do today.

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