Sandwood Bay


Been to the west coast of Scotland a couple of times these last few weeks.  It hasn’t been warm but, my Goodness, it’s been pretty.  This was a trip I took with my friend Rosie.  Good times. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Sandwood Bay

  1. I’m from the West Coast 😊 Glad you enjoyed your trip – I wouldn’t trade where I live for anything although I love to visit other parts of Scotland 😊

  2. I’m so, so happy you decided to keep the blog! It’s the most loveliest thing; your photos are beautiful and your recipes fantastic.
    Please don’t ever scrap this blog even if you have to take a year’s sabbatical. It’s makes my heart happy to see pictures of Marco and birds and scenes of Scotland.

    You’re the best!

    Much love from DC ❤

  3. Beautiful part of the world that I so wish to visit one day! I expect it’s cooler in the NC mountains than it is here on the coast! Safe travels!

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