Loch Vaa

Some snaps from a beautiful walk down Aviemore way last weekend.

I’m not here terribly often these days.  Will continue posting but, meanwhile, if you have Instagram, you can find me here: @weebit77


3 thoughts on “Loch Vaa

  1. It is indeed a winter wonderland! We had snow here the first week in January that actually stayed on the ground almost 5 days. I love how it makes the air so nice and fresh. A snow day is always something to get excited about here since we don’t get very many!

    Thanks for the Instagram link. Please don’t forget about a Wee Bit here. I do miss your wonderful new recipes post! I check your recipe index here frequently and have used many with wonderful results, though I have been a rather lazy cook lately. 🙂 Hugs to Marco!

  2. Lovely photos as always. No snow at all here in Somerset. Hope you will leave the occasional post – I really enjoy your recipes. Many years ago yours was the first blog I found – I “Googled” a recipe for courgette soup and it gave me one on your blog. That led to a whole new world I had been unaware of. Having found cookery blogs via you I then after a while, searched for gardening blogs (my passion) and found many!! So began my induction into blogging. Eventually, after quite a few years I started commenting and then started my own blog. There are still old favourites I enjoy. Will look you up Instagram – I think IG has taken over for many bloggers – it’s so quick. Blogging takes more thought and time – I find it takes ages to upload photos onto my blog – but maybe that’s just me!

    • Hello Sue! Thank for the kind words. I’ve loved food blogging and I’m still planning to post occasionally. Life has been more hectic these past few years… Agree about the photos too!

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